Freelance since 2012, Iā€™ve developed websites and mobile apps while taking occasional contracts for previous employers like Simplyhealth. Among other things, I’ve:

  • Ported Get RunningĀ from iOS to Android,Ā a job that involvedĀ audio playback, custom Canvas-drawn widgets, use of the Compatibility Library, Facebook Open Graph integration including a (WordPress-based) web service, and much more.
  • Created a couple of other mobile apps including my pet projects ofĀ Meditation ChimerĀ and On The Scales.
  • HelpedĀ several organisations and individuals make the most of WordPress, including theĀ Kings Weston Action Group.
  • Learned a lot aboutĀ Android, Java, iOS, Swift, PHP, HTML5, CSS, responsive web design, Bootstrap, and a whole bunch of other things, on the grounds that they might come in handy :)

    Matt Gibson Creative Ltd. Company No. 08028951, registered in England and Wales.