Hi. I’m Matt. I live in Bristol, and I’ve been programming for nearly forty years.

I've done a lot of work in banking and insurance on Microsoft platforms, working for NatWest, Axa, Simplyhealth, Zurich Financial Services and others. Sorry, I'm currently unavailable for contract work.

As well as contract work, I have a set of personal projects that I enjoy working on including Get Running, Meditation Chimer and On The Scales along with (mostly PHP-based) web work.

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Most of my financial services sector work has been on the Microsoft platform. I know SQL Server very well, and I've good experience with SSIS. I've worked a fair bit with Oracle, too, and done a lot of data warehousing work, including working with Informatica Power Center ETL.

I’m also an old-school VB6 hacker, if you need any legacy systems changed, though I’ve got reasonable exposure to more recent .NET stuff, too, including some C#.

I’m unlikely to be phased by your choice of OS, version control (distributed or otherwise), dependency management or deployment systems. I pick things up pretty quickly.

I’ve worked solo and as part of big teams. I get on with people and communicate well.

On mobile, I’ve got most experience with Android, having ported the successful Get Running running trainer to the platform, but I’m getting familiar with iOS, too. I'm okay with Objective C and I've been using Swift since its first beta release. I’ve got paid apps in both the Play Store and the iOS App Store that are bought daily. Get Running has sold 20,000 copies and averages 4.7 stars in its reviews.

On the web, I work in PHP. I'm a back-end developer, not a designer, but I’ve got a good grasp of semantic markup and can generally figure out what the JavaScript is doing 😊 I’ve used heavier frameworks like Symfony and Laravel, and developed sites in CMSes like WordPress and concrete5.

UX Design

HTML5 with CSS3



2012 - Present

Matt Gibson Creative Ltd


Freelance since 2012, I’ve developed websites and mobile apps while taking occasional contracts for previous employers like Simplyhealth. Among other things, I’ve:

  • Ported Get Running from iOS to Android, a job that involved audio playback, custom Canvas-drawn widgets, use of the Compatibility Library, Facebook Open Graph integration including a (WordPress-based) web service, and much more.
  • Created a couple of other mobile apps including my pet projects of Meditation Chimer and On The Scales.
  • Helped several organisations and individuals make the most of WordPress, including the Kings Weston Action Group.
  • Learned a lot about Android, Java, iOS, Swift, PHP, HTML5, CSS, responsive web design, Bootstrap, and a whole bunch of other things, on the grounds that they might come in handy :)

Axa PPP Healthcare Ltd

Database Developer (contract)

  • Fixed and optimised a wide variety of very large, complex SQL queries, re-coding them for speed and accuracy, working effectively with existing development team to understand the source system and requirements (SQL Server; Oracle)
  • Improved run times for the Sales team’s management information reporting system, in several cases reducing reporting time from hours to minutes
  • Worked with business analysts and the Sales team to understand reporting requirements and deliver new reports and enhancements while keeping to tight deadlines
  • Provided SQL and C# coding assistance during the creation of a new web-based customer “onboarding” tool

Axa PPP Healthcare Ltd

Database Developer (contract)

  • Transferred customer and policy data from a single SQL Server system to separate SQL Server and Oracle systems following the sale of a sector of business (SSIS; SQL Server; Oracle PL/SQL)
  • Ensured compliance with both terms of the sale and GDPR requirements, including creating audit reports (SQL Server; Oracle; SSRS) and ad-hoc auditing
  • Fixed a large number of issues in existing management information reports, and created more than 20 new reports from scratch, working closely with the business to gather requirements (SQL Server; SSRS)
  • Reverse-engineered a third-party workflow system to provide a suite of new workflow reports (Oracle; SSRS)

Simplyhealth Ltd

Database Developer (contract)

  • Migrated an Oracle PL/SQL-based ETL system to SQL Server Integration Services including requirements analysis and thorough documentation, providing a faster, more resilient system (Oracle; SQL Server; SSIS.)
  • Developed a suite of SQL Server Reporting Services reports for a key business area to help manage a complex workflow and improve customer service (Oracle; SSIS)

Sector Marketing Ltd

Web Developer (contract)

  • Back-end development for a meeting scheduling system (PHP; Laravel; Mandrill API; Amazon EC2)
  • Some front-end development including Zurb Foundation and jQuery work.

Simplyhealth Ltd

Database Developer (contract)

  • Replaced an Informatica PowerCenter ETL system with equivalent new SQL Server Integration Services workflows, including extensive testing and auditing of the new system (SQL Server; SSIS)
  • Worked flexibly with a business analysis team and end users to understand and define current process and future requirements

Simplyhealth Ltd

Data Integrity Consultant (contract)

  • Provided a detailed, end-to-end written analysis of an extensive financial reporting system (SQL Server; DTS; SSIS; Oracle; Oracle Discoverer; Tableau)
  • Worked with key stakeholders and both internal and external auditors to improve reliability, accuracy and auditability of the system

BCWA Ltd/Simplyhealth Ltd

Lead Developer/Technical Architect

  • Joined as Visual Basic and SQL Server developer
  • Promoted to lead developer; implemented the company’s first data warehouse (SQL Server; DTS; VB.NET)
  • Promoted to Technical Architect, supporting all IT projects (SQL Server; SSIS; VB.NET)
  • Rolled out Reporting Services company-wide, effectively liaising with business and training teams to ensure a successful delivery (SQL Server; SSRS)
  • Following merger, worked on complex migration project to move company data from SQL Server to new Oracle system (Informatica PowerCenter ETL; SQL Server; Oracle PL/SQL)
  • Spent final two years as Management Information specialist in the Commercial Underwriting department, creating a new data warehouse specifically for the role and helping the Commercial Director analyse everything from customer demographics to product profitability (SQL Server; Oracle; SSIS; SSRS)

Zurich Financial Services


  • Development role as part of a 100-strong team to create a new Windows-based customer enrolment system for field sales team (Visual C++; SQL Server; VB; MQSeries)
  • Worked closely with business analysts and technical architects to write business logic and front-end code based on detailed specifications (UML; Rational Rose)
  • Supported successful live rollout of the system, including working in tier-3 support following successful delivery, handling a wide variety of fixes and enhancements (Visual C++; VB; MQSeries)

NatWest Insurance Services Ltd

Technical Team Leader

  • Development of a new policy administration system, at the time the largest Windows NT/SQL Server project in Europe (Visual C++; SQL Server)
  • Originally a contract developer, I was hired on a permanent basis to support the system following successful delivery (Visual C++; SQL Server; VB)
  • Promoted to lead the eight-strong maintenance team, delivering all system fixes and enhancements, including much hands-on coding (Visual C++; VB; SQL Server)

Admiral Computing Ltd

Programmer (permanent)

  • Several different roles at this IT consultancy firm, often being “dropped in at the deep end” on client sites and having to get up to speed quickly and effectively
  • Development work for clients including British Telecom, Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, plus internal work (Visual C++; VB; SQL Server; TANDEM TACL script)
  • Initial experience with SQL Server (version 4.2!) while redeveloping an Access database to significantly speed up an overnight data load

University of Warwick

BSc (hons) Computer Science

My years at Warwick transformed my hobbyist enthusiasm for computers into a solid grounding in everything from database theory to object oriented design. All that, and friends, music and beer, too.

Kings Weston Action Group Website

Kings Weston Action Group Website

WordPress development for this local heritage group

Get Running for Android

Get Running for Android

A conversion of the successful Get Running speaking running coach from iOS to Android

Meditation Chimer

Meditation Chimer

A simple meditation chimer for Android

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